About Us

R.O.A. is an independent mobile game development studio founded in 2011 by friends who not only had the technical “know how” but have also been involved in the entertainment industries for twenty plus years. They bring their expertise in the fields of animation, entertainment, game design and software development to deliver a truly original gaming experience with an emphasis on the true user interaction.

Our first release -  SLIPPERY SEAL – is a true interactive game for APPLE IOS devices… with ANDROID development soon to follow. With this being our flagship mobile application, we aimed to not only create a game that is extremely entertaining, but educational too.

R.O.A. not only develops apps for themselves but offers APPLE IOS/ANDROID platform development outsourcing as well.

By extending your ideas to the APPLE/ANDROID world, R.O.A. will help you tap into a very exciting and constantly developing technology market.